We do business with a firm sense of responsibility
and passion for customer satisfaction

PURECHEM is one of the country’s leading traders and manufacturers of high-grade food and beverage ingredients. Our company proudly carries the widest variety of food ingredients in the Philippines.

Taking Pride In Our Heritage
Purechem was founded in 1974 by our chairman, Fernando Go Co along with his wife Ester King Co. The founder/ owner, himself a chemical engineer by profession and has traveled extensively abroad to look for the finest food ingredients and established with the best manufacturers in the world.
Through hard work and perseverance, PURECHEM- a small scale family business grew to become one of the most successful companies of its kind in the country today.

Guiding Principle
We do business with a firm sense of responsibility and a passion for customer satisfaction.

Our Mission
To be the country’s foremost supplier of cost-effective, world-class quality ingredients that fully satisfy the needs of our customer and help improve the people’s quality of life.

Our Visions
To explore new markets, create and identify fresh opportunities, increase international alliances and expand the company’s geographical reach.

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